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Friday, April 08, 2005

Home Thoughts From Home

Well, here it is. Were I a betting man (note the use of the subjunctive, a rare delight on the interweb, methinks), I would wager several shillings that this site will be visited by no one other than me, a select band of anarchosyndicalist geeks, and someone looking for an intimate hairpiece after an unfortunate drinking incident involving hair clippers.

My intention is to post random musings on anything that takes my fancy, as (Goddammit) my thoughts are far too important to remain shackled in the rather sordid dungeon of my mind. I cannot promise that the content, style or even HTML coding will be a match for the frankly superb blogs out there (my current favourite, is Honeytom) but I shall have a damn good go.

So, watch this space for yet another blow against ... er ... self-absorption. Or, as I am actually addressing myself, 'Get a move on, Merkin.'

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