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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Trafalgar 200 - or "My Big Day Out"

International Fleet Review - Solent 28 Jun 05

I haven't got much time this wek - or indeed this month, as I go away until the beginning of August tomorrow - but I thought I'd share these photographs that I took today (one about 30 mins ago!). It was a great honour to witness the Fleet Review, from a warship at sea, about 100 yards from the "Main Woman" (Her Majesty) and the entire occasion was an absolute credit to the navies of the world. Especially our one.

Son et Lumiere - Southsea 28 Jun 05

The culmination of the day's events was an absolutely spectacular son et lumiere fireworks-cum-music-cum-reenactment-cum-cum thing, which was quite simply the most impressive (and free!) public event I've ever been to. Huzzah for Nelson. And all that. So here I am: tipsy, sun burnt and on a computer when I should be in bed. See you in August....

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Blogger WordWhiz said...

AUGUST?? You Europeans spend far too much time on holiday! It burns the hell out of us over-worked Americans!!

Great pics!! Looks and sounds like lots of fun. Hurry back!!

2:04 am, July 03, 2005

Blogger Merkin said...

If only it was a holiday, WW! Away with work...

Found a great quote in my Inbox when I came back, by the way:

"It is difficult, I think, to assign a satisfactory reason why sailors in general should, of all others, think themselves entirely discharged from the common bands of humanity, and should seem to glory in the language and behaviour of savages."

From Henry Fielding, Voyage to Lisbon. Wise words, Mr F!

11:34 am, August 05, 2005


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