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Friday, October 14, 2005


It's a disease! I've just been tagged by WordWhiz on her marvellous blog (bit too many semi-naked fireman for me, but then I guess American firefighters are different from the workshy, overpaid, underemployed, vain British ones) to do the following:
  1. Find your 23rd post
  2. Repost only the 5th sentence, or the closest thing to it.
  3. Continue the vicious cycle by tagging 5 people...
Erm, so here goes:

The players have been polite to each other, the sport has lost it's public school image, and amazingly even after 5 matches, of 5 days apiece, the entire series was decided in the final afternoon of the final test.

A fine piece of open source Ashes-related journalism (I like to call it 'web-logging', you know) even if I do say so myself. The trouble is, of course, that in my obscure little back alleyway of cyberspace, I feel it would be too presumptious to tag 5 of my occasional readers, especially as I hardly think that any more than that number have ever visited. After all, increasing the numbers makes it more of a chain-blog than a game of tag (if I remember the rules from my playground, one only tags one other player in order to pass "it" on.

So (if WW will forgive my altering* of the rules), I shall pick a recent commentator at random to continue this pointless, but diverting, game. I choose .... Mark. Sorry, Mark!

* A gerund? On a cold Friday afternoon before a black tie dinner? Suit you, Sir!

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Blogger WordWhiz said...

Thanks for playing, Merkin!! And I apologize for the offensive fire-hunks.

Paul and I went to see a movie last night - one his son recommended. "Two for the Money" It's really more of a guy flick, but I don't recall Matthew McConaughey being built like THAT!!! Wow! He put the firemen to SHAME!!!

3:10 am, October 15, 2005


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