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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The JCB Song

Hi Steve - love the show....

For reasons explained in my last post, I spent a long time in my car a couple of weeks ago and having forgotten my iPod, I spent most of it listening to the radio whilst driving, and this led me to make a number of drastic decisions. One was the dawning realisation that (with the exception of a couple of their weekend shows and the marvellous Mark Radcliffe) the most popular radio station in the UK - Radio 2 - is now irredeemably shit, and has turned into a parody of "Smashie and Nicey" proportions (especially Steve Wright, who seems to think we all believe him when he claims that every email/letter/text he receives starts "Hi Steve - love the show...."). Anyway after this Damascene anti-Conversion, I found myself on an unfamilar part of the FM spectrum by tuning into Radio 1 for the first time in a while (I boycotted it when they booted off the aforementioned Mr Radcliffe for more "yoof" programming). And do you know what? It's actually rather good! The mainstream daytime DJs are funny without being irritating (ie the opposite of Sara bloody Cox), the music is half decent rather than annoying techno beep and non-stop rap, and the whole setup is actually a quality adult radio station.

Watch the coolest video - click HERE!
So anyway .... while listening to the Jo Whiley show, somewhere near Bridport on the coast road to Plymouth, I catch the rather un-Radio 1 refrain of "I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB" sung by a haunting voice and not much instrumentation, and I'm immediately hooked. It is, I now know, the chorus of the fantastic JCB Song, and I reckon that the track will easily get to number 1 once more people have heard it more than once. It is by the (to me) unknown and unsigned band Nizlopi - otherwise known as Luke (singer/guitar) and John (double bass), and from the info on their whizzy Flash-tastic website (spinning pencil - cool!) http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/ is a sort of autobiographical tale of Luke's schooldays, complete with a cool dad and Transformer fantasies. The single isn't released until 12 December (although you can pre-order it via Amazon) but being caring and sharing types, Luke and John let you listen to the whole thing on their website as well as watching the fantastic animated video (click here - mega high speed Broadband recommended) as well. There's also a completely different and endearingly amateur video at this site - possibly it's a homage rather than an official one!

What else can I say? I just love this song - and I'm normally a sort of floppy-haired indie kid - but this heart warming piece of well-written musical whimsy is already my favourite song of December, and that month hasn't even started yet. Other people seem to like them as well (loads of great reviews for the band here and the album here) and I think they're going to be huge. All I can say is that I'm glad Luke's dad didn't allow him to bunk off school too often or he wouldn't have met John on the school bus and formed such a great sound. Go on, have a listen... tell them Merkin sent you.

"I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB
I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB
I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB"

Double uber-genius.

On an unrelated note - Click HERE to play a cool JCB simulator game

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Blogger Wyndham said...

Merkin, you appear to have taken leave of your senses. Get help, that song is clearly shit.

4:20 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Merkin said...

La la la-de-la la...

"I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB".

Have you actually listened to it, Wyndham? Or are you assuming it's a Bob the Builder type novelty record?

4:29 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Wyndham said...

I've heard it live. The guy from Nizlopi was singing it between my legs. I kid you not.

Which may have something to do with the fact I have a dislike of it.

5:05 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Merkin said...

Whoah there, cowboy. You were straddling a folk acoustic musician?!? Or was he on all fours? Wyndham! The mind boggles, I must go and lie down...

6:22 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger occasional poster of comments said...

I'm not sure what's the greater mystery, the continued presence of Steve Wright on the radio, or who all those people are that keep his Sunday show afloat with their inane dedications [shudders]. Has anyone met any of them (and lived)?

Must admit I do wake up to Wogan's show in the mornings. Of course it lulls me straight back to sleep, which isn't ideal. Nor are some of the horrible tunes that burrow out from my subconscious later in the day. Listening to bad music subliminally is not to be recommended. But it's either that or face perky DJs and banter at 7:30am. There must be some middle ground. Somewhere.

Meditation always welcome at 4'33", by the way :) Actually, pretty much anything's welcome, but that particularly amused me. Not much competition, I grant you, but funny's funny.

6:22 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Merkin said...

OPC - welcome! Glad I amused - as I have fallen asleep in other people's cover versions of Cage's masterpiece, I thought it a suitable place to chill for a minute. Very zen - thank you.

As for Wogan - he's alright for waking up to slowly, but the self-referencing and in-jokes are so frequent now almost all the banter is incomprehensible to all but the most dedicated retired listener.

6:33 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Wyndham said...

Merkin, what can I say, but at least, now, you understand my antipathy. I'm not one for having my body-space violated as it is, having a dimwit musician playing his guitar between my legs and singing about JCBs - well, that was the last straw, frankly.

6:34 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Betty said...

Well, the JCB song has got the Richard and Judy seal of approval. The last not very well known act to appear on there was James Blunt, who was number one for about half of the year.

Just warning you.

8:18 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Merkin said...

Wyndham. You simply HAVE to explain the background behind that. How on earth were you violated by an inoffensive acoustic duo? And when?

Betty - uh oh. That would explain why the website has been offline most of the day. Glad I was there at the beginning! Even if Wyndham isn't...

11:16 pm, November 28, 2005

Blogger Wyndham said...

My lips are sealed. From now on my legs are crossed.

It was only the singer mind, there wasn't enough room for the chap with the double-bass as well.

10:06 am, November 29, 2005

Blogger johnonastick said...

dude i totally agree with you. i LOVE that song! and i don't even have anything to do with the UK. i live in Arizona. i LOVE that song!!! --John

5:06 am, August 17, 2006


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