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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Bear Necessities for 2006

So. It's 2006. Yippee. Another year further away from my childhood. This year, for the first time ever, I held a New Year's Eve party at my house, you know, and all of .... 4 people came. Of those 4, one was me, one is going out with me, one was my housemate and one is going out with my housemate. So, after some nifty arithmetic, you can calculate that no one else actually turned up. I'm not exactly unpopular, I hasten to explain, but once you delete the many people that I didn't invite (some for unfortunate reasons of tactful necessity), the explanations were that my sister and her bloke were ill, lots of my other (richer!) friends were doing exotic things abroad, my housemate's friends were in Scotland and my other half's friends all cancelled on the 30th. Actually, it was a fun party, with far too much booze, food, alcohol, canapes, champagne and (my first ever) lasagne for 4 people (I'd naively assumed 10!) - and weren't those London fireworks amazing? - so it was 100% worthwhile. It was just a bit quieter than I was expecting!

Copyright Jason Pultz at www.scarybear.com. Probably. Click for larger image.As is traditional for rapidly fattening people like me, I even made a New Year's Resolution at midnight - to try and get back down to the weight I was in the summer (that's actually 13 lbs away - shit). I've been trying for a few days now but am rather hungry all the time (see image above - natch). Just as soon as I've finished all the food from the party, I'll start a diet, I promise....

Anyway, after the hangover had worn off on Sunday morning afternoon, and I'd travelled to London for a few days to relax a bit more (can you tell I'm on leave?), I returned to the blogosphere tonight to try and catch up with my old pals/gurus/role models from the linkstrip on the right. So, after blushing at Aginoth's extensive vocabulary (Roger and his amazing Profanisaurus have a competitor, it seems!), I clicked on LC's place for a read. At the end of his manifesto for becoming the next Withnail, he mentioned - in passing - that the latest Comic Strip had made him laugh.

So I clicked on his link (http://www.scarybear.org/) and that was the rest of my evening gone. The guy from British Colombia that created the strip, Jason Pultz, is clearly a comic genius. Every week since 2001, he creates a cartoon with a collection of characters including Cowboy Rick (drunk cowboy), Scarybear (not very scary bear), Philis (local crack whore) and Bird Boy (a half bird/half boy whose freakish nature is due to his mother's heavy use of crack while she was pregnant). It has plotlines that come from the dark recesses of a mind that only a true Canadian can possess, it is definitely not PC, and Jason even appears in it himself, even if his cartoon character looks considerably more like this male model than his band's photos suggest (sorry Jason)!

Consider me a convert. I'm now a weekly subscriber (after 2 hours of reading the "back issues", I think I know who I want to be), and I've even bought Jason a pint via Paypal to thank him for the laughs. Go on, have a read - you know you want to (and wasn't I right about the JCB Song?!). If you're still not convinced - here are my favourite three issues:
  1. "Allergic Attraction" - Cowboy Rick goes on a date.
  2. "Birds and the Beets" - Jason Pultz pitches book idea.
  3. "Robopicture" - Scarybear and Rick discuss art.
Oh, and as for my other blogging pals - I'll promise I'll read your efforts tomorrow. Probably. Happy New(ish) Year!

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Blogger WordWhiz said...

Happy New Year, Merkin. Sorry the party was a bust. I avoid making resolutions. I'm not likely to keep them anyway!! Absolutely LOVED the "memory" you posted over at my place!! You're amazingly creative!! WOW!

1:25 pm, January 05, 2006

Blogger Merkin said...

And to you, Whizzer. You should have seen my first version - it involved you as Lynda Carter's role model for Wonder Woman. But my PC froze and I lost it....

3:02 pm, January 05, 2006

Blogger Mister Whiskers said...

Funny, but not as good as Red Meat, which it is almost the same as...

9:46 pm, January 07, 2006

Blogger Merkin said...

When I put "Red Meat" into Google I saw some deeply horrible things. Perhaps you could post the URL!

12:54 am, January 09, 2006


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