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Friday, January 20, 2006

SWM, GSOH, WLTM SWF for N/S fun.

Come and play with my enormous cockIt's always been a joke amongst my friends that the personal advertisements in local newspapers and Free-Ads-type publications are a goldmine of blindingly obvious euphemisms and barely disguised descriptions of major personality flaws. I've been compiling a list for a blog post for a while now and, together with a few pointers from the world of the internet, here's what I've come up with. Let me know if you have any additions.


Adventurous = Owns strap-on dildo and will use it. On first date.
Athletic = Flat-chested.
Average looking = Fat and very ugly.
Beautiful = Either a) Liar or b) Major personality flaw.
Bubbly = Fat
Cuddly = Fat
Curvaceous = Fat
Educated = Didn't lose her virginity when she was at university.
Feminist = Lesbian.
Forty-ish = Just turned 50.
Free spirit = Hippy on the dole.
Looking for friends = On the rebound and desperate. Has a child.
Fun = Fat and irritating.
Gentle = Men walk all over her
Good Listener = Stupid. Will stalk you when dumped.
Good Sense of Humour = Laughs at Xmas cracker jokes. Normally fat.
Happy = Drunk by lunchtime.
Loving = Desperate for husband.
New-Age = Hairy hippy on the dole.
Old-fashioned = Bad taste in clothes. No sex until 10th date.
Open-minded = Goes like a belt-fed wombat.
Outgoing = Fat, irritating and loud.
Passionate = Cries a lot. Will stalk you when dumped.
Poet = Hippy who works at Starbucks
Professional = Lost her virginity at university. No friends at work.
Reubenesque = Morbidly obese.
Romantic = Owns many teddy bears.
Slim = Flat-chested.
Sociable = Alcoholic. Wants to go dogging.
Voluptuous = Makes "Reubenesque" women look thin.
Wants Soulmate = Will stalk you even before being dumped.
Young at heart = Just turned 55.


Athletic = Played sport at school. Subscribes to Sky Sports.
Average looking = Looks hideous in daylight.
Caring = Desperate.
Cuddly = Fat and lives with his mother.
Educated = Will patronise you. Dresses like someone 10 yrs younger.
Free Spirit = Wants to sleep with your best friend. And your sister.
Fun = Wants to take you dogging.
Good looking = Arrogant. And good looking.
Good Sense of Humour = The pub bore.
Very good looking = Very stupid and not very good looking.
Honest = Married and a liar.
Huggable = Fat and hairy
Looking for friends = Will shag you after he's got you drunk.
Mature = Older than your father
Open-minded = Wants to sleep with your best friend. And your sister. At the same time.
Poet = Gay
Sensitive = Virgin
Very sensitive = Gay virgin
Professional = Wanker. Will dump you first time you refuse to have sex.
Rugby build = Very fat.
Sporty = Women a very long way behind his favourite football team in terms of priority.
Spiritual = Felt guilty once after having sex with a nun.
Stable = Arrested for stalking, but not convicted.
Stocky = Fat, hairy and smelly.
Thoughtful = Says "Excuse me" when he farts.
Urban = Chav.
Young at heart = 45 years old. Dresses like a poor 25 year old. Wants to go out with 18 year old.


18 years old = Either a) 15 years old or b) 23 years old.
24 years old = 29 years old.
27 years old = 32 years old.
29 years old = 34 years old.
Active = Angry. Possibly married.
Bisexual = Gay.
Cross-dresser = Married.
Curious = Gay.
Discreet = Married.
Non scene = Ashamed of being gay.
Ready for relationship = Reached the 100 different men stage and wears colostomy bag.
Passive = Quiet. Wants to be Active.
Versatile = Active.
Wants Fun = Wants fumble on the common.
Wants "No Strings" fun = Married and wants fumble on the common.

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Blogger surly girl said...

absolute genius. i wish i'd thought of that.


11:35 am, January 30, 2006

Blogger Merkin said...

Too kind, Surly. I think.

1:32 pm, January 31, 2006


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