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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Numa Numa - Gary Brolsma, Net Genius

Am I the only person not to have heard of the "Numa Numa" guy, or GMan250, or Gary Brolsma to give him his proper name? He's a genius, and should be on X Factor, not sulking in New Jersey. Originally a Flash Movie hosted on newgrounds.com, there are hundreds of imitators, takeoffs, tributes and mentions on Google Video, You Tube etc, the best version of which is here.

He has his own fansite - http://www.garybrolsma.net/ and it appears that he's all a bit overwhelmed by the interest in his rather cool lip-sync dance moves. However, after hiding in Staples for a few months, it appears he's back - or at least about to be - as revealed on http://www.newnuma.com/. I can't wait...

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