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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Royal Mail - Legalised Junk Mail Peddlars

I hate junk mail. And I hate Royal Mail for making me accept junk mail from my own postman! And since a recent trade union deal, there's no limit to how much "unaddressed mail" I can now receive from Postman Pat (or "Door to Door" material, as the Newspeak robots at the-company-formerly-known as Consignia call it).

But thanks to the Royal Mail's crass suspension of one of its own for daring to publicise the very well hidden system for opting out of this (what a PR blunder that was), we now know that there is an anonymous building in Oxford you can write to and rid yourself of this scourge. But beware, unless you fill in the correct form, this won't be successful, so (as a public service to both of my readers) here is the form to fill in, hosted by a free file share site....


Print it off, fill it in (and amaze yourself at the expense spared in the form design - well done postie!) and send to:

Door-to-Door Opt-Outs
Royal Mail
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

Tell them the Merkin sent you. The addressed mail is easier to get rid of - just sign up online at the Mailing Preference Service, or write to them at:

Mailing Preference Service
Freepost 29 LON20771
London W1E 0ZT
Tel: 020 7291 3310
Fax: 020 7976 1886

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