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Friday, September 15, 2006

Lil Chris - Checking It Out

I have no idea why, but I quite like this precocious prepubescent's paean to painful puppy love. Despite the bassline being clearly from Blur's Song 2, and it being yet another reality TV spinoff (remember "Rock School" with Gene Kelly? No, neither do I) it's so catchy I am about to inject wallpaper paste into my inner ear to stop the warblings on the little East Anglian...

His website is quite professional as well. Lil Chris? Lil bastard more like - when I was 14 I was masturbating frenetically and planning world domination via the medium of a plywood go cart - not writing great tunes and being fawned over by girls. Oh well.

Check it out (geddit?!) here...

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Blogger Steve said...

Cool blog. Found your comments about Lil Chris interesting - don't think the kid will have much time for gokarts or the joys of masturbating from now on (too busy counting the moolah). Personally I can't stand him - I feel bad saying that when he's just a kid - but, Jesus, isn't there enough manufactured crap in the music charts? I'm sure when Lil Chris has grown up into Big Chris he's going to be deeply embarrassed by this episode in his life. He's the new Chesney Hawkes!

7:18 am, December 07, 2006


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