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Monday, March 01, 2010

Average Age of Facebook Users?

Do you constantly have to explain your Facebook usage to people your own age? How many times have you heard people in their early 30s bore others about how they're not on Facebook as it's "childish". As I silently suspected, these Luddites are actually not representative of their peers, as according to this website, the average age of Facebook users is .... 38. As the people at Pingdom state:
  • Bebo appeals to a much younger audience than the other sites with 44% of its users being aged 17 or less. For MySpace (who the hell still uses Myspace?), this number is also large; 33%.
  • Classmates.com has the largest share of users being aged 65 or more, 8%, and 78% are 35 or older.
  • 64% of Twitter’s users are aged 35 or older.
  • 61% of Facebook’s users are aged 35 or older.
It all goes to show - these youngsters are late adopters of even everyday tech stuff - or maybe they're too busy having neverending sex (the bastards). In a similar article, Pingdom reveal that, not entirely surprisingly, geek-orientated sites (such as Slashdot.com) are male dominated, whereas twee kiddie sites (Bebo) are female-dominated. Who knew?